History, objectives, and operation

“Our association emerged to help organize the struggle of the Juruna people with the aim of living better in our land, defending our rights, and strengthening our union”


The Yudja Mïratu Association of the Big Bend of the Xingu River (AYMIX) was formed on April 28, 2013, by the families of the Mïratu village, in the Paquiçamba Indigenous Land, located in Big Bend of the Xingu River, in the state of Pará.

The main objectives of the association are: promote the management of our natural resources, execute productive projects, produce and market food for school meals, facilitate community service contracts to companies, institutions, and individuals, enable partnerships to monitor environmental impacts in the Mïratu village and in the Paquiçamba Indigenous Land, promote cultural and sports activities, enable the monitoring of public policies and measures related to education and health, facilitate fundraising for projects, as well as other issues of interest to the community.

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Who is who
  • President: Giliarde Jacinto Pereira
  • Vice-President: Neusiane Jacinto Pereira
  • Treasurer: Jailson Jacinto Pereira
  • Vice- Treasurer: Josiel Jacinto Pereira
  • Secretary: Leiliane Jacinto Pereira
  • Vice- Secretary: Silvia Carolina da Cruz
  • First Tax Advisor: Gelson Paiva Feitosa
  • Second Tax Advisor: Jair Jacinto Pereira
  • Alternate Tax Advisor: Natanael Jacinto Pereira
  • General Advisor: Agostinho Pereira da Silva
AYMIX Information
  • President: Giliarde Jacinto Pereira
  • Organization’s e-mail address: miratuxingu@gmail.com
  • E-mail address of the individual responsible for the organization: miratuxingu@gmail.com
  • Organization’s Address: Mïratú Village, located in the Paquiçamba Indigenous Land, in the Big Bend of the Xingu River
  • Municipality: Vitória do Xingu
  • State: Pará
  • Country: Brazil
  • CNPJ (National Register of Legal Entity): 19.492.101/0001-55

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